One CDL driver was having a bad day, until a policeman did something special for him.It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for a feel-good story. We like this story out of Bloomington, Ind. It’s about a policeman who stopped a CDL truck driver for speeding, but he did something extraordinary once he saw the driver was struggling.

“When he walked to the the truck, Sgt. Todd Durnil noticed that the driver, Rodney Gibson, was visibly distraught,” reported. “At first, Gibson refused to share his situation with the officer, but Durnil was determined to get through to him.”

Durnil noticed an angel pin attached to Gibson’s truck visor and commented on it, trying to connect with Gibson.

That’s when truck driver Rodney Gibson broke down and explained that the pin was from his daughter, who was struggling with breast cancer. He said the cancer had recently gotten worse, and she wasn’t likely to make it.

Sgt. Durnil saw that Gibson was struggling enough, so he opted not to issue him a speeding ticket. But he also went a step further.

The officer then asked Gibson if there was anything he could do for him. Gibson had one request. “Do you know how to pray?” the driver asked. The officer took his hat off, walked to the right side of the truck, took Gibson’s hand and prayed.

“The good Lord put us together for a purpose,” Sgt. Durnil said.

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