A beloved Florida toll booth operator has lost his job after paying a truck driver’s $6 toll.

Sam Samsonov, 77, had worked on the same bridge for 29 years. He was caught on video taking money out of his own pocket to cover for a trucker who was short $6 at the Boca Grande Causeway at Placida in Charlotte County, Fla. The truck driver paid him back the next day, but it didn’t change Samsonov’s job status.

“In my eyes there was no crime committed. I just helped somebody out,” Samsonov told the local NBC affiliate.“They were my family.”

Samsonov had paid the toll for motorists before but had never formally been warned by Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority. This time, he was caught on video reaching into his pocket. Samsonov is missed on the job by locals, even inspiring an editorial in the local paper.

Support for Sam has flooded in,” stated the article. “A Facebook page Support Sam Samsonov has more than 4,800 likes and an Indiegogo page has been started with a goal of funding a holiday for Sam.

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Image from Facebook