For 20-year truck driver Bobby Andersen, it was either pay out the wazoo for a sleep apnea test issued by the Department of Transportation, or start eating a plant-fueled diet. He chose the latter route.

One year later, he’s inspiring other truck drivers by his healthy example.

It would have cost me a fortune being off work with no pay and having to pay for that test. I had to do something,” he says.

For  years, Andersen, 45, turned to fast food when he was hungry on the road.  The Booneville, Miss., native ingested everything from biscuits to burgers. After a while, it took a toll on his health.

“Any truck stop you walk into has just fast food places. It’s quick and easy: You can get in there, you can get your food and you can get out and eat while you’re driving down the highway,” says Andersen.

Then he saw the documentary “Forks Over Knives” and decided to immerse himself right away in a plant-based diet. It didn’t last long. Andersen consumed salad upon salad, but, oblivious to all his options, he found he could not sate his hunger.

A few months later, he tried again with more success. This summer, Andersen is celebrating one year on a plant-based diet. He’s lost 65 pounds and counting.


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