NTSB logoThe National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday said it wants commercial trucks to carry event data recorders. The news follows the end of an investigation into a California crash between a truck and motorcoach that caused 10 fatalities in April 2014.

The investigation revealed inadequacies in fire performance standards for motorcoaches. However, the lack of event data recorders on the truck and motorchoach made the investigation more difficult to conduct, according to NTSB chairman Christopher Hart. The truck’s ECM was destroyed in the crash and subsequent fire.

Had the NTSB had access to event data recorders, Hart said in the article, the agency may have determined why the truck in the accident crossed the median.

[It] could have enabled us to make recommendations to prevent it from happening again,” Hart said.

Flight data recorders have been an asset in the aviation industry, Hart said in the article. Yet, he lamented, even with longtime recommendations from the NTSB, commercial trucks and motorcoaches today are not required to have data recorders. Time will tell if that will change in the future.

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