The Advicy Drive is a portable and wearable device that detects drowsy driving.  Drowsy driving is something very real yet invisible.  The sensor finds your heartbeat (which is unique among 7 billion people) by means of your pulse from your skin.  The sensor can be worn everywhere from your underwear or like a traditional watch.

The sensor is able to pick up if your attention has dipped and sounds a loud alarm to alert you of our drowsy state. The company claims in this so the sensor is “potentially saving your life and the lives of others” as more than 20% of car accidents around the world are caused by people falling asleep while driving.

The Advicy Drive has a battery that lasts for about 200 hrs which allow you to drive with it for a month.  Since your heartbeat is such a reliable source to measure sleep behavior, the device will let you know if you are in a “safe driving” mode so to speak.  The device is very easy to set up.  Just download an app and then pair it to your smartphone.  The App will let you set 4 friends to notify if an alarm for imminent sleep does not stop in 20 seconds.  They can then call you to make sure everything is OK.  This product should hit the market by July of 2015.  Click on the illustration below for a good view of the initial set up.

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