For truck drivers, and new ones especially, it can be hard to stay healthy on the job. Many hours of sitting at the wheel and a lack of convenient healthy food options at stops along the

way don’t help the situation.  So for drivers, taking control of your own wellness on the road can have a lasting beneficial impact.

By staying fit, you’ll be able to take on harder assignments and longer routes — making you more desirable and opening more high-paying opportunities. Staying healthy is a gift that keeps on giving, too — you’ll be physically able to extend your career over many more years if you choose to do so.

Drivers early in their careers also should think long and hard about their career development early on. They should ask themselves what their priorities are and make decisions that will get them there over the long term. For example:

For drivers looking to work independently, it’s essential to learn the business side of trucking: accounting, fuel mileage tracking, maintenance tracking, expense tracking, tax reporting, and profit and loss calculation.

Those in the business say trucking companies make safety their top priority. Sharing that mindset will earn you the attention of employers, they say.

Every reputable trucking company on earth makes safety its No. 1 priority. If you demonstrate a serious commitment to safe hauling, you will be in high demand as either an independent driver or part of a company team.

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