One independent truck driver is being called a hero after he jeopardized his own life to save the lives of several others. John Matala was working at his CDL driver job recently when he saw that another CDL driver had made a life-endangering mistake, stated an article in Go By Truck.

Man with CDL Driver Job Saves Entire Town

“Matala was working in Manchester, Va., earlier this month when he discovered another driver had left the valve of a 10,000-gallon propane tank open,” the article stated. “Firefighters later determined the propane had leaked across an entire acre by the time Matala discovered the problem.”

The article tells how Matala knew he would be severely burned

He suffered burns over 30 percent of his body. But, he entered the cloud of propane anyway, turning off the valve and preventing a potentially enormous explosion.

If anything had sparked the gas, the entire town could have been consumed in the blaze, the article stated.

“This would have been the worst nightmare of my life,” said Fire Chief Philip Bourn in the article.


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