The driver demographics of the industry continue to show that truck drivers are an aging population. And it raises the question “Where will the industry find its future drivers?” In a recent news article, Overdrive magazine tackled the issue of why younger drivers aren’t signing up to drive a truck.

While the answer of why the population is getting older may do well to include a recognition of the maturity that comes with age and the risk-aversion businesses are feeling more and more of these days, suffice it to say the whole question of how to attract the younger folks to the work of driving truck is one people are talking about — a lot,” the magazine stated.

The magazine asked a man in his 20s who works in a non-driving role at a trucking company why he and others his age don’t drive trucks. The man, Bruce Jenkins, had some valuable insights to share.

We are a generation of leisure,” he said. “Not just leisure, but laziness. There is no piece of information we can’t access in the palm of our hands, and there is no product we can’t acquire by going to a single building that has every single product we could need on a regular basis…. Everything is done for us. No one my age knows about trucking.

Jenkins also talked about hearing stories of the profession’s dangers as a youth and long being encouraged to pursue a college degree.

We grew up being told to go to college before we even knew the word education,” he told the magazine. “If you don’t continue your education you cannot be successful. This is the idea we grew up with.

You can read more of what he told Overdrive here.

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