driver life saverIt’s Friday, and boy do we have a feel-good story for you. It’s always nice when the feel-good story is about the heroics of a truck driver, too, as this one is. Thanks to Today’s Trucking for putting it out there.

According to the magazine, a truck driver in eastern Ontario pulled a woman from her smoking car–and likely saved her life in the process. It all happened on a remote section on highway in eastern Ontario, where driver Paul Peiris was on his route and saw a car flip over, twice.

“Without a second thought, (he) stopped and positioned his tractor-trailer across both lanes to block traffic in the hope that someone else would stop and provide additional support,” Today’s Trucking wrote. “With the road blocked, Paul immediately called 911 and rushed over to the occupant to see if he could help.”

When he got there, Peiris knew the gravity of the situation right away. The woman was trapped in her car, and the car was starting to smoke, the article stated.

“Because the doors were jammed and the car was upside down, he broke the window, carefully pulled her out, and carried her to safety.

“I’m just glad I was there to witness the accident,” he told Today’s Trucking. “If I hadn’t, I’m not sure anyone would have seen the car.”


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