The longest traffic jam of all time certainly lived up to the nickname “the mother of all traffic jams.” It happened in August 2010 in China. And it was a big one! Exactly how monstrous was it?  longest traffic jam

It stretched for more than 62 miles and lasted for, count ’em, 12 days. Traffic crawled along at an estimated 2 miles per day.

Trucks carrying construction supplies to Beijing,  supplies to be used on the expressway in order to ease traffic, were blocked at the exit, thus causing the traffic jam,” one article stated.

The enormous log jam inspired some entrepreneurs to sell water and food to drivers along the highway. They jacked up prices, and when some drivers refused to buy the food and drink, violence erupted. Others, meanwhile, had to protect themselves from gasoline thieves. Being in a traffic jam for any length of time tends to evoke bad behavior, and even more so when that traffic jam stretches for 62 miles.

Read more about what went down here. And tell us, what’s the longest traffic jam you were ever in?