smartphone addictionLet’s face it, many of us feel lost without our smartphones. And now there’s proof to confirm what we’ve felt all along: Our smartphones make us feel more secure.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the study, conducted by three researchers from Florida State University, the University of Oklahoma and Indiana University.

“A recent study of iPhone users ages 18 to 24 found that people perform better on cognitive tests when their iPhones are somewhere nearby—in a pocket or purse—rather than in an opposite corner of the room,” the article stated.

In the study, young adults completed two word-search puzzles for the chance to win a gift card.

According to the article, “halfway through the study, the participants were told to take out their phone and leave it in the corner of the room. While participants found on average nine words when their phone was with them, they only found six words when their phone was taken away.”
Interior image from helloolly / Pixabay; featured image from FirmBee / Pixabay