You use the FIT in your truck cab to easily exercise over the road. The 2 most frequent injuries in the trucking Industry include the rotator cuff and lower back. Bob Perry of Rolling Strong and Damler Trucks of North America introduces the FIT System (Freightliner In-Cab Training System).

FIT In Your Truck Cab

This exercise and flexibility system allows truck drivers to get FIT in your truck cab. Overall, the driver performs an upper body, lower body, and cardiovascular workout in the comfort and safety of the cab. In addition, this system installs easily, used in the truck or brought in to your home or hotel.

Freightliner booth (#30125)

You see the product demonstrated by representatives from Freightliner Trucks and Rolling Strong. The system sells for $69.99. In addition, truckers purchase it here:

Overall, view the video below for a great demonstration of the product and more information.


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