Ever find yourself stuck on the road looking for a place to stay? CCJ Digital recently released an article describing a new application that people with CDL trucking jobs need to check out! Managing expenses on the road can be hard, but this new app can help solve that problem.

One board member, a large fleet, said its hotel expenses netted $2,000 per driver, per year, says Terrence McCrossan, senior vice president and general manager of Comdata. Next, Comdata surveyed 600 fleet customers to get more market intelligence.

The vast majority of fleets are not using programs of any kind to manage hotel expenses for events that include equipment breakdowns, maintenance and driver training meetings, he says. Results also showed two-thirds of the hotel stays are spontaneous. Neither fleet managers nor drivers had planned ahead for lodging on their routes.

Drivers use a mobile app to search for hotels by location. Upon check in, they present their fleet-issued Comdata card to make a reservation and pay. Comdata guarantees a discount of 20 percent or more off the lowest published rate.

Now drivers can book hotels whenever they want, pay with a Comdata fleet card, and have the cost automatically deducted from their payroll. Approximately 70 percent of the time the company pays for the rooms, but drivers have the option to use the convenience whenever they want.

Motor carriers now use this program to improve driver satisfaction.


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