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“My life was not a waste. I can see good that has come from my life whether it is at the end or whether I’m just at a bump in the road.”

A 40-year career trucker who has inspired millions over the past few months through his now-viral video has died.

After discovering he had stage four colon cancer in May, Tulsa, Okla., CDL driver Delvin Simmons recorded his last trip and shared it on social media.

“If I had had a colonoscopy five years ago, this may have all been different,” Simmons told News On 6. Simmons said he was devastated to hear the diagnosis after his first colonoscopy. His doctors believe they could have detected and treated the cancer if Simmons had the procedure 10 years prior.

Simmons spent his remaining days focused on family, music, and promotion of the importance of colonoscopies. “I wanted to make that video for my kids in case I did not make the journey through this cancer,” Simmons said.

To share his story, he took to the road as his son, Justin, recorded the trip. They blasted Simmons’ favorite song “The Old Man Is Dead” by Del Way. The video has over 4 million views on Facebook.

“I have sat in this hospital and I have cried. Not for sadness but because I am overwhelmed at what God is doing with that song,” said Simmons.

Read more about Simmons’ story at News On 6.

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