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How Truck Drivers Can Spend Less on the Road

A lot of articles about how to save money overlook the unique needs of spending needs of truck drivers. Here’s a list built for you. 1. Food TruckerMike of Trucking Truth says, “It is very easy to rack up $30 or more in a single day eating food on the road. That comes out to […]


Trucker Gives ‘Dead’ Cat New Lease on Life (2 Times)

A 3-year-old cat named BB-8 has 45-year-old truck driver Dennis McDonald to thank for his life today. Zainab Akande of The Dodo, a website dedicated to the love of animals, tells the story. A road in hurricane-like conditions is not the friendliest place to bring your truck to a stop, but McDonald found himself doing […]


10 Helpful Hints to Beat Hunger and Summer Heat On the Road

Summer means everything from beautiful drives to unbearable heat exhaustion for truck drivers. To usher in the new season, we’ve gathered a little information on healthy eating and exercise tips for the summer. Taking care of yourself in the heat is not just a matter of health, but a matter of safety. Consider these tips […]


Pain in the Neck? 4 Simple Exercises to Help Truck Drivers

As a truck driver, your body experiences strain as a result of having to sit so long. Often, your neck can be the most affected by these long rides with no movement. It hurts to swivel your head to monitor traffic. It gives you painful headaches. Matt D’Aquino, The Healthy Trucker, writes of the neck-pain […]


Trump orders creation of teams to target regulations for removal

President Trump continued his quest of broad regulatory reform, targeting in an Executive Order regulations that stifle job creation, impose unnecessary costs or are simply outdated or ineffective. So writes Overdrive magazine in a news article: Trump directed all federal agencies, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, to establish a team. This team evaluates […]

Do New Truck Drivers Need More Behind-the-Wheel Training?

If you think that new truck drivers need more behind-the-wheel training and more hours behind the wheel, you’re not alone. An Overdrive magazine poll shows that most of the magazine’s readers share that sentiment, believing that entry-level driver training should include a significant number of hours behind the wheel. Overdrive Editorial Director Max Heine wrote about […]


Does Your Back Ache? 5 Stretches to Help

Does your back ache from sitting in the driver’s seat too long? Before it gets worse and you have to take time off to fix it, consider the advice of Matt D’Aquino of the Healthy Trucker blog. Take advantage of the breaks in your day to complete some stretches and exercise. It will eliminate back […]

6 Off-Terrain Vehicles That CDL Truck Drivers Will Love

Not all vehicles need to take flight to “travel off the grid,” writes engadget.com in a story highlighting high-tech vehicles that do some pretty amazing things. The ability for a vehicle to travel off-road is vital in rural areas or disaster zones where roads are impassable due to natural disasters, engadget.com explains. The website arranged a list of […]

Truckers Who Drive Distracted Face Significant Penalties

Everyone is generally aware that texting while driving isn’t a wise decision, but studies show even more shocking results. Truckers who drive distracted are over 23 times more likely to be involved in a critical accident. The Trucking Truth blog recently shared that stat along with the new distracted driving regulations (and penalties) released by […]

How Truck Drivers Can Get The Most From LinkedIn

In the game of life, you play to win, but a lazy LinkedIn strategy could hurt your personal brand—and your overall career success. Without knowing it, you could be scaring away valuable connections. So writes Ariella Coombs in a great article for Work It Daily that shows how to get the most from LinkedIn. Follow the below […]