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How Much Time Do you Really Need To Exercise ?

According to  author Dr. Mercola, 80% of Americans fail to meet US government exercise recommendations.  The official standards  the government recommends are 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week.  Benefits of following these guidelines include lower risk of colon and breast cancer and prevention of unhealthy weight gain.  Move  from 150 minutes a week […]

5 Steps To Help Recruit Millennial Drivers

John Sloan of Allegiance Capital writes an excellent article on how to recruit millennial drivers and maintain your fleet workforce. The article demonstrates “How to Find, Train and Maintain a Productive Team” with a focus on millennials. Sloan lists five critical steps to recruit millennial drivers: Recruitment – First, millennials are attracted to companies that […]


Freight Moves Fast With Online Tools!

The process of matching trucks and freight has grown over the years. It started with load boards and now uses web-based load matching tools. Recent technology has allowed carriers, shippers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers to use cloud based applications to get their information about trucks or loads and to do so very quickly. The […]

Soar With The Angels

Soar with the angels with the Blue Angels. They are a joint military squadron that showcases the pride and professionalism of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.  The Blue Angels inspire a culture of excellence and service to our country through community outreach and flight demonstrations. They have been thrilling spectators for over 60 years […]

10 Tips To Help Avoid A Truck Accident

Check out this great info graphic that includes 10 tips to help avoid a truck accident. We know that trucks are generally safer than cars, so drivers need to be less distracted, and more aware of the trucks on the road around them. Long hours of travel means spending a lot of time sharing the […]

10 Great Workout Habits To Employ

Have you ever wondered how people are able to sustain their workout routines on a daily basis?  What do they all have in common? They are practicing great workout habits which keep them motivated to stay fit. You know these people: they bounce out of bed in the morning ready to tackle their sunrise bike […]


WABCO System Decreases Truck Collisions

Wabco System introduced it latest collision mitigation system and it has some great improvements. The system uses a 77GHz radar which allows it to track both moving and stationary objects. Here is a list of some more great benefits. Radar system works in all weather conditions A dual-mode allows both long-range and adjacent lane views […]


Damler’s new “SuperTruck” Unveiled

Damler participates in The US Department of Energy’s SuperTruck program. They unveiled an exciting concept truck. The truck includes some really intelligent features such as: Resultant aerodynamic efficiency enables it to run a downsized 10.7L diesel engine, which reduces its fuel consumption. Solar panels mounted to the trailer’s roof which can power the climate control […]

Hack Your Truck For $60

The creator of this device markets to “hobby enthusiasts” to hack your truck. This device presents a new set of security issues for manufacturers. Tomorrow at the Black Hat Asia security conference in Singapore, 24-year-old Eric Evenchick presents a new device he calls the CANtact. In addition, he hopes to sell the open source board […]

Shell Plans To Launch A Starship

Shell plans to launch a starship. Shell Lubricants and former race car driver Bob Sliwa are teaming up to design a unique truck concept.  The design will be a tractor and trailer joined together in a cutting edge creation called the Starship “This just a great opportunity to help an industry innovator…The ultimate vision was […]