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New Drivers Should Think Long Term

For truck drivers, and new ones especially, it can be hard to stay healthy on the job. Many hours of sitting at the wheel and a lack of convenient healthy food options at stops along the way don’t help the situation.  So for drivers, taking control of your own wellness on the road can have a lasting […]


Trail Mix – The Ultimate Travel Snack Part 1

What is trail mix? Trail mix is a snack mix, which is usually a combination of dried fruit, nuts, whole grains and sometimes chocolate.  Nutritionists consider trail mix the ideal snack food for travelers, because it is lightweight, easy to store, and nutritious, providing a quick energy boost from the carbs in the dried fruit […]

Is Blue Fuel The Future For Trucking Industry?

Blue fuel is a low carbon transportation fuel essentially produced by removing water from methanol.  The projects are being developed in northeastern BC, a region with an abundance of renewable energy (wind, hydro) and natural gas resources.  Gasoline is traditionally made from oil as the feedstock.  Blue fuel requires natural gas from fracking. Blue Fuel […]

Revolution On The Horizon For Some Trucks

The people over at Wrightspeed Powertrains of San Jose, California are experts on electric engines. Ian Wright, the leader of the company, was one of the original co-founders of Tesla Motors. The new engine he has developed for garbage and delivery trucks is a game changer. The next target for Wrightspeed is garbage trucks, which […]

4 Simple Fitness Tips From an Accomplished Truck Driver

Here is some great advice from a very unique individual. Tony Blake was the first African-American swimmer to be named All-Ivy league. The Yale graduate traveled the world, changed his name, started a family and became a truck driver. Siphiwe Baleka (his new name, which means Gift of the Creator in Zulu) is now a […]


Millennial Advises How To Recruit Young Truck Drivers

With the median age for truck drivers hovering around 45, the trucking industry is constantly looking for information to help recruit younger drivers.  As unemployment rates remain literally unchanged as whole they have increased to 7.8 percent in March from 7.5 percent in February for millenials. So why aren’t those in their 20s — who […]


Driverless Trucks On The Horizon?

The brains of these trucks is a system similar to autopilot on an airplane, which employ radar sensors and cameras to compose a 360 degree picture of the truck’s surroundings. Some include a three-dimensional digital map. Used in conjunction with Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) technology, the systems help maximize fuel efficiency by reacting to changes […]


57 Story Edifice Built In 19 days

Mini Sky City, as the tower is titled, is to be part of a larger Sky City series of interconnected skyscrapers that will include vertical farming spaces. Broad Sustainable Building (a developer in China) claims that the construction technique used is one of the most profoundly innovative in human history. This prefab construction, which has […]


A Women’s View On The Truck Driver Shortage

In the past, truck driving has been a pretty rough business.  To start, the trucks were very hard to drive and they weren’t very comfortable either.  Truck stops were definitely not safe for women.  Fast forward to today and trucks have become easier to handle and come equipped with more amenities than their predecessors.  Truck […]


Why Women Should Drive Trucks

When men and women are in elementary school they are conditioned by their parents and teachers to take education seriously.  That usually means preparing to go to college.  There is not enough emphasis placed on considering “the trades” for a career.  With the cost of education out of reach for many of us,  we must […]