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6+ Scholarships That Help Truckers and Their Families

Whether your little one is preparing for their first steps or walking into their first day of college, TruckerToTrucker can help prepare you financially for the next big step in their life. Money doesn’t have to be one of the challenges that prevents you from continuing your education. That’s why TruckertoTrucker.com compiled a list of […]

3 Things for Truck Drivers to Do On the Road July 4th

Fireworks, the American flag, soldiers, family, a cookout. What picture does the 4th of July evoke for you? For some, it is a solemn day spent in remembrance of our fallen soldiers who gave us our independence. And for others, it is a celebratory holiday to spend with family. For those on the road this […]

Man with CDL Driver Job Saves Entire Town

One independent truck driver is being called a hero after he jeopardized his own life to save the lives of several others. John Matala was working at his CDL driver job recently when he saw that another CDL driver had made a life-endangering mistake, stated an article in Go By Truck. Man with CDL Driver Job Saves Entire Town […]


Trail Mix – The Ultimate Travel Snack Part 3

As was stated in Trail Mix – The Ultimate Travel Snack Part 2 some mixes contain great amounts of sugar and fat. The best way to combat this problem is to make it yourself. The secret is choosing the right combination of ingredients that is right for your health and satisfies your tastes. Each ingredient […]


Trail Mix – The Ultimate Travel Snack Part 2

Health Benefits Determining if a specific food is healthy depends on interpretation. One thing that experts (including the USDA) are clear on is increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for good health. The Harvard School of Public Health concludes that you should acquire more of your daily protein needs from sources other […]

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Managing Fatigue at the Wheel Can Have Lasting Benefits

    Understanding what fatigue is and how to manage it – through rest, diet and other methods – is vital to fostering what Tom DiSalvi, vice president for safety and loss prevention at Schneider, calls the “safety payoff” in trucking operations. “The biggest piece of truck transportation planning is how to insure drivers are well […]

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Trucking Jobs Hit Record High in June

    The U.S. Department of Labor’s June jobs report shows that the  number of jobs in the for-hire trucking industry reached an all-time high in June. The sector added 7,400 jobs,  for a total of 1.4585 million. That’s 5,100 more jobs than the record for trucking set in January 2007. That’s also the third monthly gain in […]


Trucker Awarded Carnegie Medal for Heroism

Clinton Blackburn of Morehead, Ky., is one of 18 winners of the Carnegie Medal. The medal is awarded quarterly by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission to those who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others. Honorees receive a financial grant for their efforts. Blackburn, 44, is credited with […]

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Shortage of long-haul drivers grows

Drivers well know about the shortage of drivers out there. After all, they’re living that reality. But that doesn’t make the problem any easier to accept. The American Trucking Associations says the shortage is hitting the for-hire trucking industry most, with drivers who typically don’t get home for a week or more. And with Baby Boomers hitting […]