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Celebrate Easter on the Road

For Christians, Easter is a time of reflection, gratitude and deep faith that goes to the very heart of Christianity. For truck drivers who celebrate Easter on the road, it’s also time for feasting!  We asked our truck driver community on Facebook whether they are celebrating Easter on the road or at home this […]


In Losing 160 Pounds, This Truck Driver Gained a Lot

Five years ago, Cynthia Ward weighed 338 pounds. Her ankles, knees and hips were always hurting. She failed her DOT physical and had 30 days to control her sugar levels. She had to make a change, fast. “I’ve lost a whole person since then,” Ward says. 160 pounds, to be exact. Ward’s story is an […]

What Lights This Trucker’s Fire? Barbecue, of Course

You may have heard it said “Watch and learn.” For truck driver Craig Grubb, barbecue is an entirely different matter—one where watching and learning is serious business. Grubb’s Rub “I watch the Pitmasters shows on TV. That’s where I learned to blend my own spices,” says Grubb, who also scours recipes online routinely. If the […]

The Unique Fabric of One Trucker’s Life

The spotted bags are sewn carefully over four hours and is one aspect of this trucker’s life. They’re made from cowhide that Zoe Marie Sutton buys on Etsy and EBay. Looking at them you would think they were manufactured at a high-end department store. In fact, Sutton stitched them at home on the weekends. That’s […]

When Their Dog Goes Missing, Truckers Get Help from Unusual Sources

It was mid-afternoon last September when Sadie went missing. Joshua Gray opened the door of his truck at a Love’s truck stop in California. That’s all it took. Sadie bolted from the truck like lightning. Joshua and his wife Chana, team drivers for Forward Air, searched for their beloved terrier mix for three hours. They […]


Trucker Matt Blattel Built a House. Now He’s Building His Career.

Matt Blattel loves the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, camping, he loves it all. In fact, Blattel’s love of the outdoors goes back to his childhood on a 3,000-acre farm in southeast Missouri. His family raised 1,000 hogs and 1,000 cattle. “That’s where I began to learn about building,” says Blattel, a regional driver for Baldwin Express […]

Meet the Trucker Who Has a Workshop on Wheels

He was called by the sea. For four years, Brian Matthews worked on a tugboat and traveled to ports around the world as an able seaman and merchant mariner. The job instilled in him a lifelong yearning for the ocean—and a talent for 3-D drawing and woodworking. A lifelong artist, Matthews often drew on the boat. […]