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Lifetime Trucker Paving the Way for Self-Driving Trucks

Step aside, Uber and Google, a career trucker is making history for self-driving tractor trailers. Jeff Runions, autonomous-truck test driver, prepares the future of the trucking industry. As he told NPR, Runions works for Starsky Robotics. They are a small company developing fully autonomous trucks for the highway. The trucks are driven by professionals once […]

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A Handy Guide to State-By-State APU Regulations

Auxiliary power units (APU) are one of the best weapons truck drivers can have against wasting fuel. They make it possible to power a truck’s heating, air conditioning and other comfort systems without the need to keep the engine idling during rest stops. While they are very beneficial by not wasting fuel, the additional weight […]

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New Bill Encourages Young Drivers to Cross State Lines

A newly proposed bill may allow younger truck drivers to drive across state borders. Currently, federal law prohibits younger truck drivers aged 18-21 from driving outside their licensed state. However, on March 27, California State Representative Duncan Hunter and Indiana State Representative Trey Hollingsworth introduced a new bill. The bill allows younger truck drivers to avoid […]


Winter Weather Calls for Pennsylvania Trailer Ban

Pennsylvania has recently begun enforcing a winter weather trailer ban on certain empty trailers on Interstate-80. They hope that this will reduce any chance of a traffic large pile up on the roads. A major concern is that winter weather effects like slick ice and snow will cause more trailers to slip off the roads. While […]