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Truckers aid hunger crisis, donate leftover food to charity

Truckers Aid Hunger Crisis the Indy Hunger Network, a charity that dedicates its efforts towards feeding the hungry, has launched a new Food Drop program. The programs helps truckers aid hunger crisis by donating rejected food deliveries to charity. Truckers who make runs to grocery stores to drop off orders of food often are told […]

Santa calls on truckers to help deliver Christmas gifts

Owner-operator and songwriter Bill Weaver released a holiday song about how Santa calls on truckers to help deliver Christmas gifts. His song, How the Truckers Saved Christmas, tells of how Santa was pulled over by the DOT, and called on “a thousand long-haul drivers” to cover his run that night. Then, the tune goes on […]

Winter Driving Tips for the Careful Trucker

Winter is coming, and truckers are beginning to notice the effects of the weather on the roads. What were once long stretches of asphalt are now covered in ice and snow across many of the northern states. Any smart trucker is always prepared, especially when hitting rougher conditions. In order to stay safe this winter, […]

Mack Donates Anthem Truck for Veteran Outreach

Mack Donates Anthem Truck to the American Trucking Association (ATA) to assist in their veteran recruitment efforts. The cab, wrapped top to bottom in camouflage, attracts veterans to look at careers in the trucking industry. In addition, recruiting events at military bases, schools, and career fairs feature the truck. Recently, in a press release, ATA […]

Job of the Day: Transport Designs, Inc.

Today’s Job of the Day comes to us from Transport Designs, Inc. Since 1985, Transport Designs, Inc. specializes in transporting general commodities from the Upper Midwest to the West, NW, SW, SE and Southern States. As a family friendly trucking company with 280 trucks and 850 trailers, they pride themselves on finding and retaining the best […]

The Top 6 Truck Stops By Truckers, For Truckers

The truckers have spoken. Truck Path, an app that utilizes crowd-sourcing technology to view information about truck stops throughout the country, has released its own list of the top ten best truck stops. In addition to showing parking space availability, the app gives truckers the ability to rate travel centers on a scale of 0-5, […]

Job of the Day: Caine Transfer, Inc.

Today’s Job of the Day comes to us from Caine Transfer, Inc. in Lowell, Wisconsin. Caine Transfer Inc. is a truckload carrier operating in the upper Midwest. Founded by President Chester Caine, they grew from a single straight truck to a fleet of 52 semi tractors and over 185 semi trailers. In addition, Their driver […]

American Transportation Research Institute Survey Released

The American Transportation Research Institute’s (ATRI) latest annual survey is raising awareness of the trucking industry’s biggest issues. First of all, the driver shortage came in at number one, followed by driver retention at number two. However, creators of the survey demonstrate interest in all the other problems for both drivers and employers. Major industry […]

Job of the Day: Ploger Transportation, LLC

Today’s Job of the Day comes to us from Ploger Transportation out of Ohio. Ploger Transportation is a regional carrier that was established back in 2006 with only one tractor. They have since grown to 40 tractors, 100 trailers (van/flatbed) and over 45 employees. Ploger is a family owned company whose mission has always been […]