In the past, truck driving has been a pretty rough business.  To start, the trucks were very hard to drive and they weren’t very comfortable either.  Truck stops were definitely not safe for women.  Fast forward to today and trucks have become easier to handle and come equipped with more amenities than their predecessors.  Truck stops are now clean and safe environments and even have decent food.  There just doesn’t seem to be any restrictions anymore for  women to consider driving a truck for a career. Jones has been on the road with husband Art Johansson for 13 years and driving for a little less than a year, so she’s got some interesting perspectives on what fleets can do to attract and keep drivers, especially female ones.

Although she only got her CDL about a year ago, the two have been a team for 13, with Amanda handling paperwork, navigation, trip planning, border customs, dealing with dispatch and customers, and the like. And she keeps a Facebook page that looks at their life from the point of view of their dog, The Trucking Titan.

Amanda does point out that there are still some hurdles to overcome and she lists them here in this very introspective article from

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