trucker-scholarship Whether your little one is preparing for their first steps or walking into their first day of college, TruckerToTrucker can help prepare you financially for the next big step in their life. Money doesn’t have to be one of the challenges that prevents you from continuing your education. That’s why compiled a list of trucker scholarship opportunities for no-scam, easy-access applications.

The scholarships are for truck drivers seeking to continue their education at accredited trucking schools. The program is also for relatives of people in the trucking industry. The latter is intended to recognize your value as a driver by helping those who are important to you: your family.

TruckerToTrucker explains its own challenges in distributing its trucker scholarship money:

“In 2013, decided to put together a new scholarship. This trucker scholarship is specifically for those who want to become professional drivers. It’s a great way to give back to the hard working community that makes our industry possible.

We couldn’t give the money away!

After several weeks of contacting professional commercial driving schools and trucking organizations, we had maybe 3-4 applicants. In addition, we had lots of unreturned calls and emails.

We were offering a $1,000 scholarship with no obligations on the winner or school, and it was almost impossible to give the money away! That’s crazy.

We also talked with other organizations that offered trucking related scholarships, and they had the same issue. Money, free money, they’d like to give to promising individuals looking to start a new career…and nobody applied for it.

TruckerToTrucker sees the lack of applicants but recognizing the need for the scholarship. Also, their mission is to create a “single resource for legitimate scholarships.”

More than a half-dozen scholarships are detailed on the site.


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