John Sloan of Allegiance Capital writes an excellent article on how to recruit millennial drivers and maintain your fleet workforce. The article demonstrates “How to Find, Train and Maintain a Productive Team” with a focus on millennials.

Sloan lists five critical steps to recruit millennial drivers:

Recruit Millennial Drivers

  1. Recruitment – First, millennials are attracted to companies that use social media quickly and smoothly.
  2. Competitive advantage – Up-to-date equipment and flexible work arrangements will help you attract and build a solid workforce.
  3. Engagement – Productivity can be directly linked to the emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals.
  4. Motivation – Clearly communicating your business mission fuels motivation. It helps your workforce understand how they personally contribute to your fleet’s success.
  5. Performance evaluations – Furthermore, evaluations should have clear, achievable objectives that measure individual, team and organizational performance.

Therefore, with the average age of a driver moving towards 55, there will be an influx of millennials flooding the workforce. There must be an adjustment to the benchmarks for driver satisfaction.

Overall, follow these 5 tips to recruit millennial drivers at your organization.