Group Slingshot | Flickr - Photo Sharing!In today’s world, employees rarely stay with one company for their entire careers (and staying at a job for years on end may even look bad on a resume these days). But anyone who jumps from job to job too frequently can create a red flag for employers.

So, how can you, as people with CDL trucking jobs, build your skills without getting stuck in a rut? Career site says  follow these four bits of wisdom, for starters.

1. Learn something new.

If there’s only one thing you can say to prove your time with a company was well spent, it should be that you’ve learned something you didn’t know before. If no one’s offering this learning experience to you, seek it out within the company.

2. Accomplish something hard

It’s no secret that career growth demands progress, and progress requires accomplishments. That’s why it’s easy to spot the difference between those who switch jobs out of boredom and those who do so to further their careers.

3. Make mistakes, then learn from them

The bottom line is that character and determination are built through trial and error. So, be sure that each position you hold is one in which you have to overcome a difficulty, take responsibility and inevitably grow from the experience.

4. Get—and stay—connected

The world of recruiting and referrals has been forever changed by social media. It’s easier than ever to leverage networks like Twitter and LinkedIn to find new job opportunities, which is why you should establish connections with as many colleagues as you can while you are working with a company.

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